Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Wilmslow - Northwest Fish

Wilmslow, with its Incredible Edible project and fantastic Artisan Market, has already had several mentions in this blog.  In fact I'd gone back to visit the latter when I noticed a new fishmonger on Grove Street.

It's a family run business, which has only been open 2 weeks, and is already doing a steady trade.
There's a wide range of top quality fresh and smoked fish.

There's also crayfish tails and brown shrimps:
crabs, mussels, oysters and prawns.
In a couple of weeks they're hoping to open a fish restaurant above the shop.

Northwest Fish
Grove Street

Tel: 01625 525995

Web: www.facebook.com/northwestfish


Mrs Sarah Brynes said...

Visited the shop this weekend and to be honest it wasn't anything special. The display was quite sparse and I was the only customer in the shop so felt a bit like the only person eating in a restaurant with all the waiters watching me. Bit disappointed as a whole and had a much better experience on the fish shop on Chapel Lane which I can park right outside. Still its early days yet.

Christine bibby said...

Well I had a very different experience than Sarah. I went in to the shop last week after noticing it in the local paper and the restaurant full with people waiting for a seat while looking at the fish display and talking the the fishmongers who seemed to be very helpful. The counter was very well presented, colourful and pleasing to the eye and the fishmongers worked quickly to serve the customers of the busy shop, give helpful advice and keep the counter full and aesthetically pleasing. I walked away very happy as the 2 Tom's worked as a team to fillet, pin bone, portion up and vac pack a whole salmon for me. So all in all a very good experience and a very good shop definitely recommended.