Sunday, 7 July 2013

Shrewsbury - Pomona Grocery

Shrewsbury is a lovely town, we frequently take the train to do our shopping there.  As you come out of the station there's a beautiful walk up the hill, by the castle to the town centre.  We usually stop at the Shrewsbury Bakehouse and Shrewsbury Coffee House (who serve Has Bean coffee). and just a few yards up the road is Pomona Grocery:
It's a lovely shop, which specialises in local and organic foods where possible.
They're big on what's in season here, and often have fruit and veg that's hard to get elsewhere.  Earlier this year they were selling fresh 'wet' garlic, which is milder and sweeter than stored garlic.

They were at the first ever Shrewsbury Food Festival last week, with a stunning display:
They also sell speciality items, that are hard to get elsewhere, and wholefoods:
There must be a Sheffield influence here, because they sell Henderson's Yorkshire relish (see here if you don't know what that is).

There's all sorts of other things in this packed shop, like quirky and retro confectionery.  Having gone in to get some onions you may find you've also bought some chilli or lavender plants or a pretty mug!
I always enjoy going in, as I never know what I'm going to find next!

Pomona Grocery
1-2 Castle Gates

Tel: 01743 366660



Laura said...

I couldn't agree more, I love Pomona too :)

International Groceries said...

Impressive ! Images are very cute.