The Hole in the Wall

Much has been written about the Hole in the Wall, which is Staffordshire's last surviving front-room oatcake shop.
Glenn, Sue and Robert have been producing hand baked oatcakes here as a family since 1982.
Glenn Fowler (a keen Port Vale supporter) has done much to publicise this Staffordshire delicacy. The reason for this post is to alert you to the disappearance of the last Hole in the Wall oatcake shop. This historical gem is facing demolition and the local paper, The Sentinel, has launched a petition to help save the world's last remaining hole in the wall oatcake shop. Should the National Trust step in (like it has with the Birmingham back to backs)?When I asked Glenn Fowler for permission to take the photographs below of the Hole in the Wall, he said (tongue in cheek) "they'll be valuable when we're gone"!

p.s. Since writing this, I've heard that Hole in the Wall will finally close on 25/03/12 :-(.

The Hole in the Wall
62 Waterloo Street