Biddulph - Poveys Oatcakes

If you ask people from Staffordshire who makes their favourite oatcakes, Povey's is definitely a name that will come up again and again. The shop is not far from the National Trust's gardens at Biddulp Grange.
When I was in Povey's Oatcakes I asked if I could take a photograph inside the shop.

He suggested I take a photo of the lad flipping the oatcakes, which I did. I wonder if he knew it would be just a blur, as it all happens so quickly!

Perhaps I need a new faster camera, or maybe I should start videoing the action? Anyway I'm not going to use the blurred picture, but here's a picture after they've been flipped!

You can buy Povey's oatcakes in quite a few shops, or even on-line from their website. But for the best oatcakes you need to visit the shop.

I would definitely put Povey's in the Premier League of oatcake shops.

Povey's Oatcakes
33 High St

Tel: 01782 511799



HappyMouffetard said…
I'd never come across the delight of oatcakes until I moved to Cheshire. I'd always assumed that the one true oatcake was the hard, dry scottish bicuit thing.