Foley Oatcakes

Congratulations to the Potters (Stoke City) yesterday for getting promotion into the Premier League. This will give even more fans of visiting teams the chance to experience the Staffordshire oatcake!  I reckon the nearest oatcake shop to the Britannia stadium is Foley Oatcakes.

Foley Oatcakes are just opposite a Royal Doulton and a Wedgwood factory shop.
A sign in the shop says if you want more than 3 dozen oatcakes, please order in advance! They are one of my favourite oatcake shops.

I took Channel 4 reporter, Andrew Webb, to Foley Oatcakes (to put on the Channel 4 Big British Food map), click here to seea video of Andrew flipping Foley oatcakes

Foley Oatcakes
421 King Street

Tel: 01782 599119


Anonymous said…
i cant eat any other oatcake than a foley,there the best in town.