Whitby Gingerbread

So far I've covered Ashbourne gingerbread, and Ormskirk gingerbread. I plan to visit Grasmere and Market Drayton soon and I've just discovered there's an Ingleton gingerbread and a Wakefield gingerbread. I'm not going to feature Grantham gingerbread - as we went there last year and bought some insipid biscuits called Grantham gingerbread made in a factory not even in Grantham, or have I missed a good source?

My Whitby gingerbread came from Botham's of Whitby. To quote the wrapper "Gingerbread has been made in Whitby for the seafaring community since time immemorial, its good keeping qualities making it ideal for taking to sea. In 1865 when Elizabeth Botham began baking, gingerbread was naturally one of her first products".

It is not like sticky ginger cake and has a texture half way between a bread and a biscuit. Not everyone in our house liked it, try it toasted with some lemon curd.