Oliver's Cider and Perry

The man above is Tom Oliver, a really nice person who is one of the best cider and perry makers you'll ever meet.  If you're in Herefordshire, keep an eye out for brown signs showing you where the cider farms are: 
Better still find (or download) the Herefordshire Cider Route, and if you're near the delightfully sounding Ocle Pychard, look out for Moorhouse Farm:
Here, in an old hop kiln, is where you'll find Oliver's Cider and Perry:
Inside is an Aladdin's cave for fans of cider and perry:
There's single varietals like Dabinett, Kingston Black or Yarlington Mill Ciders, and Blakeney Red, Swans Egg, Oldfield or Rock Perry. It's fascinating learning the stories about how these apples and pears got their different and sometimes unusual names. What's in stock depends on when you visit.  Some varieties, like Coppy, only produce a decent crop every 3 or 4 years -  so you may have to wait for that.

You can taste before you buy:

Tom also does blends, and a good cider maker like Tom will also mature the vintage ciders in oak barrels to give another dimension to the drink.  

At the back you can also see some of the numerous awards that Tom has won:
Besides the cider and perry there's also cider vinegar and rock perry vinegar:
The rock perry vinegar (which is served on the Sticky Fried Chicken Wings at the Disco Bistro in London) has revolutionised my salad dressings. Rick Stein gave Oliver's Cider & Perry "Superhero" status, and I imagine Rick used it when he made Warm chicken liver salad with perry vinegar dressing.

There's also (frozen) sausage for sale, made with rare breed pork from Noggin Farm in Much Marcle and Tom Oliver's cider. 

I could have stayed and talked to Tom for much longer....  I never even found out about his work as a sound engineer and tour manager for rock groups - as he had to go and rescue a lamb that had got stuck!  

Oliver's Cider and Perry Ltd.
Moor House Farm
Ocle Pychard

Tel: 01432 820569

Web: www.theolivers.org.uk