Nantwich Market

I wish every town had a market as good as Nantwich. It provides me with great food which is fresh and cheap. I even reckon it adds value to my property - as people love to buy houses in thriving market towns!

There's been a market in Nantwich since 1500. The present building, next to the lovely St Mary's church (the "cathedral of South Cheshire") dates back to 1867:
I'll start with one of my favourite traders, fishmonger Stuart Hornby who brings fresh fish from Fleetwood.
There's usually a large queue here. You get a bit of theatre here, as he skilfully fillets and/or debones your fish and there's often a joke as well. He's knows all the Fleetwood fisherman personally and there's always a stunning display on Thursdays and Saturdays:
In the opposite corner is Ye Olde Cheese Stall:
Despite being a tiny stall they've always got a great selection of good cheeses here, including Appleby's Cheshire, Mrs Kirkham's Lancashire and a nice Shropshire Blue:
You can also buy local honey, and preserves from Mrs Darlington 

Next door is D & K Welch Poultry:
Who sell bantam, duck and rare breed eggs, as well as ordinary hens eggs. They also sell chicken and game (in season) like wild rabbit, pheasant, venison, wild duck and wood pigeon:
If ever your short of cash, and want a tasty meal, come here. They'll sell you a pound of chicken livers for £1.20 which will make wonderful pâtés and a tasty risotto. There's an Italian dish called Fegato di Pollo alla Finanziera which means chicken livers bankers style! 

Mrs Furbers Pantry does bread, biscuits, pies and cakes:
including some low sugar items for people with diabetes.

The market is open on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, but not all traders do all three days. Hill’s Fruit and Veg:
is one stand that does and has been trading for over 60 years. Cynthia Hill is one of the markets oldest traders, her grandfather started their stall. 

Lovers of fruit and vegetables are very well catered for, as there's also P H Stokes greengrocers:
   who have lovely fresh veg, some of which they grow themselves.
 and they certainly know their onions!
Next to them is R A & N Davies butchers
where you can a good piece of meat to roast and homemade sausages or their own roast meats and pies:
At the heart of the market is the Tea Chest Café:
where you can get a drink and a cheap snack (including Staffordshire oatcakes).

Outside there's Clem's, another greengrocer:
and the wonderful London Road Bakehouse from Stoke sell their amazing bread.

Not every stall is food. There are too many to mention them all here, but you can buy cheap cards, get your phone repaired, have a haircut and, if I was a small child, I'd love one of these jigsaws:
Last, but not least, if you've got a sweet tooth there's the Sweet Shop:
You can find all sorts of sweets here, and as it's Valentine's day on Saturday you can buy a gift for your loved one:
Incidentally, if you don't know Nantwich, I offer a Food and History Tour of Nantwich where I'll show you some of the best of the 100 Nantwich businesses that sell food and drink.  I can also show you what is possibly the first ever parson's nose (in wood that is), a thieving landlady and a salt ship! It would be particularly good for tour for other food bloggers.  

Nantwich Market
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