Stoke - London Road Bakehouse

It's always nice to find a traditional product that tastes great, and it's even even better if it's healthy too. So I would recommend a visit to London Road Bakehouse in Stoke-on-Trent (not far from London Road Oatcakes). Traditional craft bakeries are in decline, but when you taste their bread it's hard to understand why this should be.It's one of Britain's last coal-fired bakeries, with loaves hand-moulded and baked each morning in their 130-year-old ovens:
I wasn't up early enough to see the bread being made, but their scones were just going in the oven when I called:
My son recommends their freshly baked millioniare's shortbread, and we had a nice Staffordshire egg (a bit like a Scotch egg) from the shop. You can also buy chilli, olive, and walnut breads.

However their GI Bread, which contains a formulated mix of seeds which make it low on the glycemic index (and therefore better for you), that is their best seller. One person came in the shop and brought 3 loaves at once whilst I was there. It lasts well - if you don't eat it!

London Road Bakehouse Ltd
285 London Road
West End

Tel: 01782 744089


morgane said…
Hi, i went to the bakery today, unfortunatly it doesn't exist anymore. Do you know xwhat happen?
Do you have any good adresses to eat in stoke on trent?
Bill Pearson said…
Are you sure? They were selling bread in Nantwich Market the other Saturday?
morgane said…
I finnally found the bakery. Thank you so much. I am French so it was not the kind of bread I was looking for.
However, the apple pie is delicious, as well as the chocolate fudge.
wolfep767 said…
Please be advised that the bread shop is closed until the 8th of January.